Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finally Catalogued


All The Young Warriors by Anthony Neil Smith.  I wonder if people won't read this book because our adhesive mylar cover has a bunch of air bubbles stuck underneath it.  It looks bad and feels weird.  Good book though.  Minnesota policeman is intent on going to Somalia and finding the two young men responsible for his girlfriend's murder  in MN.

Baddest Ass by Anthony Neil Smith.  This one has a bunch of trapped air bubbles as well.  I may try that thing where I take a pocket knife, poke the holes, and try to squeeze out the air.

Air bubbles inside adhesive paperback cover

Well, at least I can now read this in paper.  I was going to mess with the Kindle version and never got to it.

Adventures of Wynn and Edmund: book one of the "The Curse of the Amethyst Ring" by Kayleigh R. Wimpee.  I don't know what the heck the deal is with this one.  Did I order this?  Was it a donation?  It appeared out of nowhere.  Romance-fantasy novel that looks to play around with and turn around standard fairy tale ideas of princes and damsels.
The author (according to bio note) should have graduated high school that past Spring in Coldspring, TX.  Great, now I have to go look up Coldspring and figure out where it is...okay it's in east TX, just East of College Station.

Dead Man: volume 4 edited by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin.

Lee Goldberg is my coffee coaster.
Stories by Joel Goldman, Lisa Klink, and Phoef Sutton.  The Dead Man travels the U.S. fighting evil with his axe.  I want to read the Klink story just so I can say "Klink goes klunk". The series has it's own theme song.

Buffalo Ridge by Forrest Peterson.  Again?  What the heck is it with books I have no memory of ordering?  This is a MN publisher so maybe the guy is from WI.  Young family in southwest MN struggling with farming, local drug scourge and "ordinary people trying to survive."

The Name of the Game is Death and One Endless Hour by Dan J. Marlowe.  Reprint from Stark House Press of hardboiled crime novels from 1962 and 1969.  Stark House published the most recent novel by the always brilliant Charlie Stella.

Inferno by Dan Brown.  I ordered a second copy.

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